Susan Campbell founded “More Than Moving for Seniors,” in 1998. The idea was conceived after helping her father move from the family home to a retirement community. Susan recognized the need for a caring, compassionate company to assist families as their loved ones faced life-changing transitions.

My successes. 

Now the company offers a wide range of services with individual attention to every aspect of a household move including packing, moving, unpacking and clearing the former home as well as a consignment shop, and an Estate Sale division to help dispose of unwanted household items.

How SCORE helped. 

Susan & Roy express their appreciation for the assistance provided by Richmond SCORE and recommend the free service to any small business owner or would-be entrepreneur.


What's great about my mentor? 

In order to get an outside perspective and to help improve the company’s profitability, Roy approached Richmond SCORE in late 2009 and was assigned to counselor Art Mattox, who encouraged Roy and Susan to devote more of their time in sales related activities. Another Score counselor, Eric Sunberg, suggested changes to their website. As a result sales are up 70% over 2009 year to date.


More Than Moving