Kyle Tucker started Dexios Corporation; a radiology based medical billing company, in 2007. He has a strong business background, having owned and operated another small business, and was familiar with this industry.  With this background, why then seek the services of SCORE?

“I use SCORE like a pseudo board of directors,” says the 47-year-old entrepreneur.  “I could hire a series of consultants and spend more of my limited start-up capital or I can utilize the experts from SCORE for free.  I have a well-rounded business background  so I don’t need basic Business 101 assistance. What I do need is a team of people that I can bounce ideas off of and dig deeper into those issues where I only have a surface understanding.”

Tucker was teamed with Richmond SCORE counselor Gray Poehler, a retired small business owner, and Emmett Richardson, a retired IT professional from a large consumer products company.  “Between the three of us, we have about eighty years of business experience in different fields,” Tucker said.   If we don’t know the answer, Gray and Emmett can find someone in the Richmond SCORE chapter who does.”

The three men have discussed a wide array of business topics including software evaluation, marketing strategies, financing alternatives, venture capital and business planning.  To date, Dexios is right on track with its business plan, in terms of revenue, growth and operations. 

In the midst of bringing up Dexios, Tucker created a second start-up, RadReferral, which is a free, niche business referral network that meets via teleconference.  Kyle Tucker admits it is hard enough to bring up one new business, much less two at the same time. “This is where SCORE really came in handy.  While medical billing is a traditional, mature industry with limited variables, the RadReferral idea is a whole new concept which required out-of-the-box thinking.  There was no template to use for this business.  We had to start from scratch.”  Tucker says that Emmett Richardson’s IT background was especially helpful in starting up RadReferral as they not only had to build the business conceptually but make it work on the web. The team spent many hours discussing everything from how to monetize the concept, to telephony, to web design. 

“I am very grateful that these two gentlemen took time out to help me.  Their contributions have been considerable to my success.  Could I have done it without SCORE?” muses Tucker.  “Possibly, but that is not the right question.  The right question is why would anybody want to go it alone?”

Dexios Corporation