Beirobotics LLC – Michael Beiro

LineBird technology which allows unmanned aerial systems to make contact with and work on live power lines up to transmission levels.

Breathe Hope Hyperbarics – Jean-Marc Gadoury, Louis Westbrook

Richmond’s first Breathe Center dedicated to providing mildly pressurized, supplemental oxygen therapy.

Hamlet Center Inc. – Jamie Serrecchia

A special needs recreation center offering children 2-12 years old with physical, intellectual or emotional differences a place to grow, explore and socialize.

iLearnEssentials, LLC – Marcie Walsh, PhD

An educational technology company that creates and assesses evidence-based reading fluency activities.

Kilo Medical Solutions, LLC – Aniket Kulkarni, Chandana Muktipaty, Joshnamaithili Seelam & Kashyap Venuthurupalli

Brise-Solette - A medical kit specially designed to be used in the Neonatal Intensive Care environment.

Light Switch Bio – Alex Ratti      

Developing multiple drug-delivery platforms using a chemical leasing business model using a laser device to activate drugs with less-than-desired qualities to expand their use or salvage unused compounds.