23 Entrepreneurs Registered for SCOREcard 2019 Pitch Competition

Six finalists will be announced on April 3 to present their Pitch on April 30.

SCOREcard 2019 Pitch Competition

Rewarding and mentoring Richmond’s best new business models

Richmond SCORE announced 23 contestants registered for SCOREcard 2019 Pitch Competition, a business model canvas completion held in partnership with Activation Capital. The Competition seeks to identify and reward Richmond area start-ups with the best business model that can lead to increased revenue and profit growth – the model that best demonstrates optimum customer and investor appeal.
The entries listed below represent a broad range of ideas and businesses from a diverse and interesting group of contestants. All entrants will be coached by a SCORE business mentor during the competition process as well as have the opportunity for continued mentoring beyond the competition.

AVIP INC. (Able Veterans in Production) 

Owner:  Daniel Burt    
Serving the Disabled Veteran community to empower disabled first-responders and military veterans to become screenwriting/CGI professionals in a unique therapeutic environment.

Beirobotics LLC  

Owner:  Michael Beiro    
Prove and commercialize patent-pending LineBird technology, which allows unmanned aerial systems to take power line measurements, requiring physical contact with a live line previously restricted to manned crews in bucket trucks or helicopters.

Bondable Biopolymers, LLC

Owner:  Harrison Yu    
A US Micro High Tech registered in Virginia, working on a processing technology to make controllable release fibers from biopolymers and additives. The fibers can be further made into products including implants, health care, spices, filtration, inkjet printers, writing instruments, household products and wipes.

Breathe Hope Hyperbarics 

Owner:  Jean-Marc Gadoury, Louis Westbrook, Jr.
The first private Breathe Center (TM) to deliver mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (mHBOT) to RVA. mHBOT is a friendly, affordable, doctor-recommended supplement to many conditions by reducing inflammation and accelerating recovery.


Owner:  Joshnamaithili Seelam    
A medical kit that is specially designed to be used in the Neonatal Intensive Care environment to implement proper light conditions for premature infants. The kit can collect health information from vitals monitor to visually signal when the infant is in a medical emergency.


Owner:  David Hennessey        
Is Richmond's Summer Camp. Being piloted in 2019 are week-long trips for teens entering grades 8-10 to New York City. Single-gender trips will be chaperoned by college-aged staff who will lead fun and challenging tours of the city.

Coin Savage

Owner:  Andrew Elliott    
Allows subscribers to invest their spare change in digital assets. Every time a purchase is made with a linked checking account/card, the purchase is rounded up and the spare change amount is invested in a pre-set allocation of digital assets.

Fonda Neal Natural Health, LLC

Owner:  Fonda Neal    
Provides holistic-based consultations, coaching services, resources and information to improve the overall health and wellness of people.

Hamlet Center Inc.

Owner:  Jamie Serrecchia        
A special needs recreation center for children 2-12 years old.  A fun place for kids with physical, intellectual or emotional differences to grow, explore and socialize.

Hope Pharmacy, Inc.

Owner:  Shantelle Brown
An independent community focused pharmacy that offers products and services, at a competitive price, to low to middle income community residents.  

iLearnEssentials, LLC

Owner:  Marcie Walsh, PhD    
An educational technology company that creates effective and efficient evidence-based reading fluency activities that students can complete independently, regardless of their reading level. Can capture the important progress data that typically has to be assessed in person.

In Motion Enterprises

Owner:  Mara Winters
A national fitness brand of unique group and individual lifestyle targeted workouts. By leveraging the talent of Mara M. Winters, a well-established fitness personality, the brand will be developed and marketed through two channels: fitness gym owners and direct to individual end users.

Inua Leather

Owner:  Ronald Gombe    
A luxury brand of leather goods and accessories handcrafted by local artisans in Kenya. A percentage of the net profits will be used to promote education as a way of eradicating extreme poverty in Kenya.  

Light Switch Bio

Owner:  Alex Ratti    
A seed-stage biotech spinout from VCU developing multiple drug-delivery platforms using a chemical leasing business model. For drugs with less-than-desired qualities, will repurpose the drugs to be activated with a laser device and avoid their off-target effects to increase their efficacy, expand their use, or salvage unused compounds discarded from the development pipeline.

Loza Bridal

Owner:  Kelsey Webb    
An online retailer of chic mix-and-match bridal separates for the modern woman; changing the way women shop for their perfect wedding dress by offering low priced, modern designs available at a click.

Maison Verte Group LLC

Owner:  Raymond Shaw
A real-estate development group that will specialize in environmental sustainability and affordable, new construction housing in Richmond and surrounding counties. Home design will incorporate materials that have less impact on the environment, saving money on the homeowners’ utilities, adopting a Community Land Trust model to make the homes more affordable, allowing both owners of the land and home to build equity.    

RealRoots Farm

Owner:  Mark Davis    
A 100% self-sufficient, 1/2-acre market farm that provides organically grown, nutrient dense produce to local minority-owned and farm-to-table restaurants, as well as local markets throughout the Richmond Area.

Resting Bear Meadery

Owner:  Brandon Jones    
A Meadery located on family owned land and farmed for over 150 years. The honey from local bees and fruits will be used to produce regional mead, offering different varieties from Traditional Mead, Cysers, Melomels, Rhodonels, and more.


Owner:  Lovell Price    
Richmond’s first Rage Room! A place for people to go and destroy glass plates, TV etc. to release stress and built up aggression in a safe environment.

Shine Farms

Owner:  Jes Carr    
A woman powered, diversified produce farm and community space employing regenerative and sustainable farming practices including no till, dramatic reduction in plastic and waste, meticulous cover crop rotation, dedication to closed loop on farm systems, and a commitment to high quality, nutritionally dense food.


Owner:  Charles Wesley    
A food truck that specializes in only salads. It will include made-to-order salads, classic salads such as Chef and Caesar, and modern salad recipes.

SSUPP Foods (Sustainable Sunflower Urban Plant Powered)

Owner:  David Peyton, Kyle Rosen-Long
A revolutionary company driving the inclusion of microgreens into the daily diets of consumers by creating a refrigerated snack and spread from Micro-Sunflower Greens. Production methods align with a vision for a sustainable planet and produce a sunflower fueled superfood offering full transparency and authenticity.

Super Mommy Consulting

Owner:  Christina Amen    
A coaching and consulting company that focuses on family and business management to help ambitious, high achieving moms and mom entrepreneurs effectively and efficiently manage their resources.

Each of these contestants will submit a completed workbook using the Business Model Canvas (BMC) format to describe how the business is positioned in the competitive landscape and how the business will get off the ground.
The completed workbooks were submitted on February 13. Six contestants will be selected as finalists and announced on April 3. The selections will be based on the following:

1.    Clear definition of business problem or need being addressed and the target customer
2.    Well defined go-to-market strategy
3.    Specific operations model
4.    Financial viability
5.    Completeness and consistency of analysis

At the Pitch Event on April 30, each of the six selected finalists will be invited to deliver an eight-minute business pitch to a panel of judges and answer judges’ questions. The judges will select three winners and award cash prizes:

First Place – $5,000
Second Place – $2,500
Third Place – $1,000
Runners Up - $500 each

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