Diversity of Entrants a Reflection of Central
Virginia’s Thriving Business Start-up Community

RICHMOND, VA , January 18, 2016 --  Richmond’s SCORE Chapter today announced that its business model competition, The SCOREcard  Competition, had received twenty-three entrants from local start-up entrepreneurs – an entrant field that exceeded expectations.

SCOREcard is the Richmond SCORE chapter’s first ever competition to identify Central Virginia’s most promising new business ideas.  In addition to identifying those future business ideas with the most growth and job creation potential, the competition further provides competition entrepreneurs with real time management, marketing and financial mentoring expertise to help ensure each idea’s potential success.

“The number of participants significantly exceeded our expectations,” said Art Mattox, a competition spokesperson and SCORE mentor specializing in working with new business start-ups.  “And equally important was the diversity of the competitors, representing a broad range of business categories products and services,” he said.

Competition entrants ranged from products that deliver post-mastectomy sleeping comfort, a computer application that provides a therapeutic live music participation experience, and a personal care system that delivers superior wet shaving effectiveness to services that offer marital conflict resolution, finding more compatible college or apartment roommates, and a family-oriented ninja fitness workout experience.  

“It’s truly a wide spectrum of highly creative new business ideas that I believe is an exciting reflection of Central Virginia and Richmond’s role as a leading incubator for commercial innovation and future job creation,” said Mr. Mattox.

The full list of business competitors and their owners is as follows:    

1.    AK Brand, LLC        
Owner:  Alesia Kilgore

A women’s wear company.

2.    Beads & Bubbly
Owners:  Alysse Bortolotto, Daraja Asilli & Dia Karakantas Rucco

Hosts jewelry events promoting local artisans.

3.    BeStaffed        
Owners:  Rick Bishop, John Hewlin & Jim Washok

Provides online resource to staff open shifts for business.

4.    Boardgrab            
Owner:  Anthony Cannella

A nationwide one stop marketplace for used surf boards.

5.    Bottleworks    
Owners:  Geoff Hunt & Barbara White

Retail store specializing in craft beer, wine, and gourmet products with emphasis on growlers and seasonal beers.

6.    GlassSmith            
Owner:  Jordan Jez

Offers iPhone repairs.

7.    Guardians        
Owners:  Chris & Stacy Lane

Delivers services and products to impoverished communities.

8.    Intunation, LLC    
Owner:  Jason Caplan

Offers private lessons in guitar and app design, providing a platform for melody creation and sharing along with societal networking based on improvisational music.

9.    Ivy Oaks Analytics        
Owner:  Isaiah Ham

Provides advanced public health pest control of ticks, poison ivy, and other threats to summer camps.

10.    Lifelong Design 
Owners:  Matt & Ursula Woolman

A marketplace for innovative home products for ages 65+.

11.    Living Anew Counseling & Consulting, LLC    
Owner:  April St John, MA, LPC,

Offers online self assessment application that provides relational insight on one's readiness to divorce as well as guidance and interventions toward resolution. 

12.    Magnaire Inc.    
Owner:  John Guzak

Offers a unique line of shaving products.

13.    Marilyn & Michelle    
Owner:  Michelle Logan

Offers TaTa Topper, a foam mattress topper for women with mastectomies and nursing moms.

14.    Medical Innovation Products        
Owner:  Gloria Kelly

Offers innovative medical products.

15.    Nate’s Bagels        
Owner:  Nate Mathews

A bagel bakery specializing in German and Polish baking traditions. 

16.    Go Ninja        
Owners:  Mike Anderson & Bridget Cochrane

A family inclusive obstacle-course based gym.

17.    Nuzzi                
Owners:  Kristina Bonovitch, RN, IBCLC; Sharon Brinkley, RN, IBCLC; Gauiri Gulati, MD, IBCLC; Lisa Rettig, RN, IBCLC

Offers a breastfeeding support device to allow for comfort and ease in breastfeeding success.

18.    Room Suite Home    
Owner:  Daniel Ortiz

Professional listing and advisory service for individuals seeking roommates and personalized housing solutions to fit their lifestyle.

19.    RVA CREATESPACE        
Owner:  Arthur Kay

A small business incubator with a focus on art studios and classes as well as developing sustainability infrastructure and education.

20.    Smart Web Squad, LLC        
Owner:  Alena Tarasevich

Offers website solutions for the restaurant business.

21.    Stars                
Owner:  Priscilla Wright

Provides training and consultation to organizations which serve persons with intellectual disabilities.

22.    Storebook            
Owner:  Jerry Zhu

A web design platform for individuals and small businesses to sell products and services in the marketplace.   

23.    Yard Heroes    
Owner:  Sarah Wholley

A landscaping business which employs veterans and emergency personnel.

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