How to Price Products & Services May 18, 2021, 6:30pm EDT May 18, 2021, 8:30pm EDT
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“How to Price Products & Services” Workshop
There’s more to it than calculating costs and adding a markup.

What should you charge for your products or services? That's a key question for any business, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. You could start with your costs and add a markup. But that ignores the most important factor in pricing: What are your prospects paying in the marketplace for comparable products and services?

In this two-hour webinar, two marketing pros reveal the factors to consider and the tools to use to improve your pricing and profitability.

You'll learn:
• How a Small Price Increase Can Translate into Big Profits
• How to Calculate Costs and Break-Even
• Tried-and-True Pricing Methods
• Why You DON'T Have to Compete on Price Alone
• How to Compete with a Low-Price Provider
• The Secret of Perceived Value
• When It Makes Sense to Discount

If you have ever wondered whether you are making the right pricing decisions to maximize both your growth and your profits, this is the workshop for you.
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